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The Storage Room is a building in CrewCraft only featured in Season 2, it is used to store any items being used for a build in Spawn Town. Chests were originally left on the roads throughout the town but they were tidied up and put into the Storage Room to keep the town looking good. The building is located in Spawn Town and will be the centre of town as it grows. Above the front door of the build a sign reads 'Crew Storage' however it is almost always called the storage room.


The building is made out of red and brown stained clay with dark oak wood up the edges, each floor goes in slightly and the build is quite tall to add a city vibe to the town.


The build contains very un-organised chests with single chests for each crew member on the other side of the room. The floor is made of oak and dark oak wood planks in a checked pattern and in the centre there is a crafting table, anvil and enderchest.