The Results Are In!
 was an episode of CrewCraft uploaded to KYR SP33DY's channel on the 11th February 2013. The episode features most members of the crew and is the eighty third episode of season one. The results of whose appreciation day it is are in!


After Speedy intros the episode and the three legged cat is discussed the results from the straw poll G18 set up are announced. The website used for the poll went down and presumably, according to Hova, because they crew sent so much traffic to the website.

The final votes were:

  1. G18 - 14382 votes
  2. Sidearms - 14209 votes
  3. Jahova - 10462 votes
  4. Deluxe4 - 5977 votes
  5. Shadow - 2971 votes

This shows that G18 won however only Hova, Side and Deluxe were supposed to be in it. G18 added himself and Shadow for some weird reason creating some dispute. D20 suggested the person with the least amount of votes wins as they are the 'least appreciated'. Jahova's votes are multiplied by 4 so he wins anyway, much to the annoyance of Deluxe. The crew continue to argue about the votes by giving their votes to other people and Hova just ripping on Side. G18 says he doesn't want one, D20 suggests that people who ask for days don't get them and Hova yells at Sidearms for bullying him.

Jahova then suggests giving Legion an appreciation day because he can't open doors but D20 even says to give the day to Flappy Bird. The crew then all type in their Flappy Bird highscores in to chat (SideArms - 26, Deluxe4 - 12, G18 - 320, Speedy - 21 and D20 - 2) Jahova says he stopped at 23 because he is a big Michael Jordan fan and the crew don't believe G18's score is the truth. Speedy prepares for Hova's Appreciation day and manages to kill the Dinnerbone chicken causing Hova to yell at SideArms more for killing Roscoe. Hova tells Speedy to build an ice cream cone, which he does whilst discussing twitter and how Speedy doesn't follow Shadow.

Sidearms asks Deluxe about his appreciation day thoughts which he writes in chat with some 'adult language'. G18 kills SideArms after being AFK but Speedy still says that he deserves the day. Also apparently some random viewer was disappointed in Hova for using a mod to see under water (H4cking his H4mma). After some more random conversations G18 goes crazy and murders SideArms again, Hova starts to talk too much and Speedy is forced to cut him off without a proper ending to the video.

Player AppearancesEdit

  • Sp33dy
  • Jahova
  • SideArms
  • G18
  • Deluxe 4
  • D20