The Dorito House
Owner/Resident Jahova
Built By Jahova & Sp33dy
Location On a Hill Near Spawn Town
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First Appearance Jahova's New House! - CrewCraft Episode 5 (JW Season 2)
The Dorito house (AKA Dorito Tower) is a building in CrewCraft only featured in Season 2, it is home to Jahova and is made entirely out of Polished Diorite Blocks. It is heavily fortified to keep it protected with tall fences, cactuses, fire and watch towers. It is the most important building of CrewCraft and is feared to be a target for the Deluxe brothers.


The House is made up of Polished Diorite blocks which in Hova's mind reads Dorito, it is built in the shape of a Dorito which seems to resemble a metapod instead. It has rows of windows on each floor facing the back and a beacon on top.


The house is not hollow inside, it has a number a floors which are all different lengths and have different purposes. At the bottom there is a simple entrance with stairs to the basement and a ladder to the next floor. The basement is a tunnel to the underground chicken farm located under the pool.

Key EventsEdit

  • Starting the House - Jahova's New House!
  • Finishing The Exterior of The House - Finishing the Dorito House!
  • Adding Windows - Deluxe's NEW House & Windows On The Dorito House
  • Adding a Pool & Kitchen - New Under Pool Chicken Farm & Kitchen Construction
  • Building the Bathroom - Dorito House Bathroom!
  • Adding a Doorbell - Dorito Tower Gets A Doorbell!


  • The Dorito house is often mistakenly called Hova Tower due to it being another Hova build or even by simple habit.