The Crew vs The Dragon! was an episode of CrewCraft uploaded to KYR SP33DY's channel on the 1st September 2013. The episode features almost every member of the crew with special guest BabyGengar69 (Speedy's Cousin) and is the twenty second episode of season one. The Crew fight the Ender Dragon!


After Speedy intros the episode he explains how they are fighting the dragon today and that Speedy's cousin, BabyGengar69, begged him to play on the server. They travel to the end portal via the minecart track G18 built and tell the audience that Nobody Epic has died. When they arrive at the portal they prepare the beds and Speedy makes it clear to not break the beds.

Whilst waiting for D20, Hova gets a Cherry Capri-Sun and SideArms suggests punching Deluxe 4 in to the lava. After D20 arrives G18 places all but one of the Eye of Enders and gives the last one to Hova but Deluxe steals it and lights it himself. The Crew then all jump in to the portal and begin the Ender Dragon fight. Speedy is too cool to wear a pumpkin to avoid Enderman attacks and after all the pillars are blown up the Dragon fight is on! Jahova is unfortunately targeted by Enderman even though he swears he didn't look at them, and continues to just run around complaining.

Speedy sets Deluxe on fire and Hova is slain by an Enderman, the final shots take place and the Dragon is killed. With so much XP dropping the crew all run to the centre to collect it, Jahova manages to push the egg through the portal somehow so the crew jump in. The credits pop up but everyone hits escape to get rid of them, except Deluxe. With Deluxe still complaining about the credits he leaves and joins again to try to get rid of them, and Hova is angry about being the only one who died. Shadow says he is going to enchant a level 30 wooden sword with his levels and Speedy's cousin texts him saying that the egg is at Hova tower.

Deluxe doesn't shut up about the credits and Speedy enchants a wooden sword himself to give to Shadow as a present. Shadow suggests using pistons to move the egg as it cannot be broken but Speedy decides to end the episode at that point. Deluxe then announces that closing PhotoShop will allow access to your escape key and he manages to get rid of the credits. Everyone says goodbye and the episode ends.

Player AppearancesEdit

  • Sp33dy (Filmed By)
  • Jahova
  • SideArms
  • G18
  • Shadow
  • Deluxe 4
  • D20
  • BabyGengar (Silent Guest)