Alias(es) G18SprayAndPray, G18, G, Donger, Dongerlord, The Dong
Age 22-23
YouTube Channel(s) G18SprayAndPray [1]
Debute Episode Shadow Fights an Enderman - CrewCraft Episode 1 (JW Season 1)
Uploaded Series Modded CrewCraft
Hardcore Crew Survival
Season 3
Crew Pixelmon
Other Games CS:GO, Slime Rancher, ShellShock

" *Farting Noise* "

* fapping noises *
Every fucking time I run through that door my Xbox freezes!!


Known as the silent, giggling dolphin dong. G18 is the best at all games the Crew plays and almost never says a word in anyone's videos. He primarily uploads Minecraft along with occasional CS:GO and Slime Rancher videos at the moment. G18 is rumored to be in a relationship with a fellow girl gamer.

Season 1Edit

He, and the rest of the crew has described him as being "rich as f*ck" on numerous occasions. This is because he probably has the most diamonds out of all the crew (he has thrown diamonds in lava repeatedly on purpose) and has extremely high enchanted armour, weapons and tools. He has likely killed the most people on the server due to the powerpp

ed about 4 times.


G18's house was originally made of birch wood planks but later changed to stone bricks. It is a very basic house, a square with a flat roof but inside there is much more than the rest of the crew.

He has several chests, a bed, an anvil, a jukebox, a nether wart farm, an enchantment table and more.


G18 owned horses, called "G's Fapmobile", and "G18's Steed" and a dog called 'Sh*t licker' who was later killed along with many pets on CrewCraft.

Season 2 Edit

In Season 2, G18 was described as OP, and had over 100 diamonds after the first week, despite not being the first to find diamonds (SideArms). G18 was one of the last two active players to join the death counter, the other being Deluxe 4. G18 died on July 3rd while AFK, to a zombie. While the crew were igniting the ender portal, G18 fell in, and had to kill himself 3 times to save his gear by moving them from chests to ender chests. On Jahova's twitch stream that night, the hashtag #ResetG18 was running wild through the chat. After the crew's permission, he reset his number of deaths to one.


He built a stone brick house with a brick stair roof, being a constant target for slander for being ugly. The house was all one room with a bed, chests, brewing stands and more. He has begun building a new house mainly out of prismarine block varieties.


He has a new fapmobile and owns lots of livestock such as sheep and cows.

Modded CrewCraftEdit

Modded CrewCraft was very confusing at first to all the crew members but they are all slowly working with separate mods at a time whilst helping each other along the way. G18 is arguably the most advanced member of the Crew regarding mods, he impresses other members with the cool stuff he can do. He also helps out others if they are having trouble with the mods. His videos are usually him on his own working with a variety of mods.