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Alias(es) SideArms, Side, Mr Arms, Cornboy, A-South, Albi
Age 19
YouTube Channel(s) SideArms4Reason [1]
Debute Episode Shadow Fights an Enderman - CrewCraft Episode 1 (JW Season 1)
Uploaded Series Modded CrewCraft
Hardcore Crew Survival
Season 3
Crew Pixelmon
Other Games CS:GO, CS:GO Case Openings, Golf With Your Friends, Town of Salem
Goodbye, sweet prince.
Where the fuck i am?
If I hit this Shadow has to kiss my sassy little finger.
I shined it with AIDS
Hey, what's up? :) She wants the D!
Do you go on yourself and then just leave it there? Cause that's what I do.
I've said tons of stuff on the internet that I can never take back.


Known as the awkward, giggling lad, Side is the youngest Crew member and lacks common knowledge on most subjects. Side does a lot of CS:GO case openings and skin betting on streams.


He sees Speedy as a god, pretty much. He has even stated that he is the reason why he wakes up in the morning. They play games with each other a lot on their own, particularly Shellshock Live. ikr

Him and Jahova get in to arguments all the time, however Hova throws most of the insults towards Side. Sidearms cannot insult Hova back and instead starts giggling. Hova has even made a T-shirt with the text "Shut the f*ck up Sidearms" on it. None of these arguments mean anything and they are still good friends, playing games like Sky Block together.

Shadow and Sidearms have a real love/hate relationship. SideArms constantly shows respect and love towards Shadow but Shadow rejects him every time. Their love for each other is a fun joke in used by the Crew and their fans.

Sidearms and the Deluxes have a pretty weird relationship too. Usually, Deluxe 4 and Sidearms are the ones fighting. Deluxe 20 on the other hand has a different relationship with Sidearms. D20 and Sidearms have a "Speedy Relationship" where D20 sometimes insults him and sometimes friends him.

Just to sum everything up, the Crew is a pretty friendly group of people. Yes, Jahova will tell Sidearms to "shut the f*** up", but they all seem to get along pretty well.

Season 1Edit

Sidearms decided to live with Speedy for season 1 which annoyed the other Crew members. He didn't collect a lot of loot for himself and built pretty much nothing.


For the first few episodes Side lived with Speedy but eventually built his own house. It wasn't the best of houses but he put a lot of effort into it... (It was pretty nooby)


SideArms doesn't own pets he murders them.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 gave SideArms a good headstart, he found the first 6 diamonds therefore giving him the power to kill pets (by his own demand). It was unclear what the person to find diamonds first would get. It was debated if Sidearms deserves to kill pets and if he was allowed to choose by himself.


Sidearms built a house this season by himself, with help from Sp33dy. It was built out of stone bricks with a wooden roof and has blue carpet inside. Sidearms almost never used it and instead continued to only follow Sp33dy around. It was located on the top of a mountain cliff by the mesa and had a portal beside the sheep farm.


Sidearms had no pets on the server but sure has killed a few.

Modded CrewCraftEdit

Modded CrewCraft was very wet and hard at first to all the crew members but they were all slowly working with separate mods at a time whilst helping each other along the way. Sidearms however hasn't done... a lot... He has only uploaded 2 episodes and as a whole he pretty much just walks around the server following Speedy. (He didn't even build his house or lose his virginity)

He managed to collect the first diamonds on the server after Joel found them annoying everyone. Just after that Jahova killed him and threw the diamonds in lava, those two diamonds were never seen again...

Season 3Edit

Sidearms has finally made his house by himself. It consisted of his player colors (gold and purple). His house was on a man-made island named "Pen Island" (if you alter the letters, it will say Penis Land).

Sidearms has been very effective on Season 3, he actually collected his resources, built his own house and been very active.