This man is cool.

Poor Guy

Alias(es) ShadowBeatzInc, Shadow, Shed-ew
Age 27 (Born 1990)
YouTube Channel(s) ShadowBeatzInc [1]
Debute Episode Shadow Fights an Enderman - CrewCraft Episode 1 (JW Season 1)
Uploaded Series Season 2
Modded CrewCraft
Hardcore Crew Survival
Season 3
Crew Pixelmon
Other Games Town of Salem, Rocket League
No one fucking cares man! Shut up!
Hey I'm SideArms I like to just like fucking talk to hear myself speak.
I have a pornhub account, it's called ShadowBeatzOff.
There's a difference between being happy in accepting reality and being happy in spite of reality.
It is my dream to actually have an intelligent conversation among this group.


Known as the musical, sarcastic intellectual. Shadow has a love for redstone in Minecraft as seen by his Cow Crusher from Seasons 1 and 2 and his many Pranks in Season 3. His channel was originally for making music but over time has uploaded more games and less music. He has a casual attitude and most of the time doesn't seem to really give a f*ck. He jokingly shows a disliking to SideArms often.


His channel ShadowBeatzInc is originally for music but he has uploaded other games and particularly Minecraft. He recorded many sky block episodes when that was all his laptop could take.

More recently, he has uploaded many Town of Salem videos, sometimes featuring SideArms.

The first original song posted to his YouTube channel was "S.H.A.D.O.W."

ShadowBeatzInc is pulling (on average) more than 1,000 YouTube Subscribers per video uploaded (Stats by