Season 1
New Server Mini Tour!
was the first episode of CrewCraft Season 1 and was uploaded to KYR SP33DY's channel on the 3rd August 2013. The episode features only Sp33dy and SideArms and is a simple tour of their new Minecraft world on the PC.


Sp33dy and SideArms introduce the episode and explain that they have made a new minecraft world on the computer. They tour the village and explore places like Sp33dy's starter house, Sp33dy's storage room, hova tower, g18's house and the deluxe brother's houses. They don't show Shadow's house as it is further away but do mention it.

Player ApearencesEdit

  • Kyrsp33dy (Filmed By)
  • SideArms


  • This is the very fist episode of CrewCraft on Sp33dy's channel but does not start at the very beginning of the new world. Jahova recorded some episodes from the start of the new world on his channel.


Minecraft - New Server Mini Tour! - CrewCraft 1

Minecraft - New Server Mini Tour! - CrewCraft 1