Nice beard

Alias(es) Legion, Legiqueen, LToTheEGION, Jordan Payton
Age 23 (Born 1993)
YouTube Channel(s) LEGIQN [1]


Debute Episode We Have a Visitor! (Nooby FaceCam) - CrewCraft Episode 57 (KYR Season 1)
Uploaded Series Special Guest
Other Games Call of Duty, Halo
I wear my suede shoes when I want that juice! juice! juice!
I got Penis, I got Harry, I got Grandpa, I got Jerry!

Legion was the newest member of the crew and often went to events with the crew (along with Speedy, Hova and Joel). Despite being a crew member he was known as a special guest on CrewCraft.

Legion doesn't play with the crew much as the main games they play are on PC (Minecraft, CS:CO, GTA). It's been accepted that he is still friends with the Crew but not really a 'member of the crew' anymore.