Hova Tower 1.0
Owner/Resident Jahova
Built By Jahova
Location On a Hill Near the Village
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First Appearance The New Server Begins! - CrewCraft Episode 17 (JW Season 1)

Hova Tower 1.0 or just Hova Tower was the first of the towers to be built, It was also Jahova's first build on the server. He began construction on the first few days of the new server and progressed it throughout CrewCraft. It is an iconic part of CrewCraft and can be seen from most of the village.


The tower is built out of cobblestone (Making it an eyesore) and seems to portray a penis. The tower has two cobbblestone ball sacks covered in vines and lava visible near the top. At the bottom of the tower there is a chicken farm and what used to be the largest potato server on the farm.


The tower doesn't have a lot of rooms, it is home to Jahova so there are blocks like chests, furnaces and a bed. It used to be home to many snow golems who lived in the ball sacks.


  • The Dorito house is often mistakenly called Hova Tower due to it being another Hova build or even by simple habit.