Behind the Scenes! was a small series uploaded to TheDeluxe4's channel. The series started on the 3rd June 2014 and includes 7 episodes. A few weeks after the start of Season 2 Deluxe started uploading his own episodes of CrewCraft and most episodes range from 6-20 minutes long.

My House Tour!Edit

(3rd June 2014) The first episode of 'Behind the Scenes' where Deluxe tours his house, back when it was a treehouse. Speedy appears in the episode as well as a creeper who blows up Deluxe's front yard. He also shows his new horse - the first pet horse on the server.


(16th June 2014) Deluxe 4 and D20 go on an adventure with their horses Clinton Dempsey and Jack Me Hoof. They travel around the world whist fighting mobs and fishing together.

KYR SP33DY Payback!Edit

(22nd June 2014) Deluxe 4 and D20 set up a TNT trap under Speedy's House as payback for the demolition of Deluxe's Xbox 360 House.

New Horse!Edit

(9th July 2014) Deluxe builds a stable with help from the rest of the crew. As his treehouse was burned down he builds a new stable next to his new house for his new horse - Clint Dempsey Jr.

World War Crew!Edit

(17th August 2014) Deluxe uploades his perspective of his first 2 deaths from WORLD WAR CREW! He was livestreaming at the time so the quality isn't great and he was talking to D20 at the time.

What's New!?Edit

(29th August 2014) Deluxe updates the viewers on what's new on CrewCraft, he intrudoces Saddle Beatz and tours round his house, it's surroundings and also tours the town.


(29th September 2014) ​Deluxe 4 shows off his new doorbell to D20 asking him to guess the tune with not a lot of luck. He also mensions his Twitch account and gives some updates on CrewCraft.


(25th October 2014) Deluxe decides to finish the Firestation from DayZ which has been a work in progress for some time now. Whilst working on it he talks about his channel and him livestreaming.