Deluxe 4's House (Season 2)
Owner/Resident Deluxe 4
Built By Deluxe 4
Location Near Spawn Town
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First Appearance The PopTart Building! - CrewCraft Episode 2 (KYR Season 2)
Deluxe 4's house is a building on CrewCraft only featured in Season 2, it is home to TheDeluxe4 and is currently the second version of his house as his treehouse was burned down. As well as the main house, a stable,watchtower, and a hall of fame are also located on Deluxes' property.


The house is made out of birch wood planks with oak wood up the edges. The roof is made of oak planks and dark oak planks are found around the house. This is the style for the other surrounding buildings. Outside the main building there is a kind of patio made out of controversial stone slabs.


The interior of the main building is pretty basic, in the main room there are two sets of stairs both leading up to the bedroom with chests scattered around.