D20's House is a building in CrewCraft only featured in Season 2, it is home to D20 and is located behind Deluxe4's House. He released a tour of it on his channel found here.


The house is built inside a hill so there isn't a lot on the outside. The front is made of stone and has a very large window facing Deluxe4's house, the house is decorated withe plenty of leaves and has a bridge over to D4's house. Beside the house there is a fish shack and a stable for 'Jack Me Hoff' the donkey.


The inside of his house has all the usual things such as chests, furnaces, a bed and so on. The front door will take you in to a room with stairs leading up to his bedroom and down to his strip mines. He also has an indoor farm. There is a room made out of leaves in the front with an Italian leather couch and a Flat Screen TV!


  • Deluxe4's first death in Season 2 took place after jumping off D20's house. Then Hova shot him with an arrow