CrewCraft - Episode #100 was an episode of Crewcraft uploaded to KYR SP33DY's channel on March 28, 2014. The episode features every member of the crew (excluding LEGIQN), and the special guest BDoubleO100. It features a story about the crew in a shipwreck, and is not set up like a normal episode.

Plot Edit

The crew starts off by returning to the Flower Forest and trampling the potato farm at Hova Tower 2.0. They place the harvest into a chest, and pass Deluxe's house (wondering why it hasn't been blown up yet). They arrive at a pond to see BDoubleO standing in a boat, who is surprised to see them and invites them onto the boat as long as they take their pants (dyed leather leggings) off. B-dubs explains that it is a magic boat and they teleport to an ocean. NobodyEpic and B-Dubs rematch at a rap battle, which is won by B-Dubs this time around. The boat abruptly crashes, which is explained to be a result of sticky gears. The crew lands on an island and sacrifices B-Dubs. The crew works together to build shelter, catch fish, and mine iron. SP33DY eventually rounds the crew up for Survivor, and ShadowBeatz kills himself, and SideArms is voted to killed. Deluxe tries to join Side in the fire, but is extinguished by Speedy, who soon discovers that they can all build boats and leave the island. The story ends with Deluxe leaving on the island. The narrator (Jahova) then explains that the crew were eaten by a "Sh4rk", and Deluxe died of malaria.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "Well look at this crew of boys!" - BDoubleO
  • "Because I h4cked my g4mma!" - Jahova

Player Appearances Edit

  • Kyrsp33dy (filmed by)
  • Jahova
  • SideArms
  • NobodyEpic
  • G18
  • Shaddow
  • Deluxe 4
  • D20
  • BDoubleO


  • Many viewers believed that this episode was the last of CrewCraft probably due to all of them dieing at the end and Jahova wrapping up the story. Episode 101 of CrewCraft was named "CrewCraft is over?" because of this.